What We Do

Want The Film was established to be a solution to one of the most challenging areas of independent film – packaging. We aspire to set a new quality standard for independent film packaging through the Want The Film Accelerator.

We empower producers to emulate start-up entrepreneurs in their approach to financing, producing and taking their films to market. This approach results in a “win-win” for producers and those that turn ideas into reality; talent agents, financiers, sales agents and distributors.


The packaging accelerator is a 3 month intensive programme for producers structured around; Production, Financing and Distribution.


Access our Network of Service Partners, Agents, Financiers and Distributors


Dedicated Resources, Tools and Experts.


Creating the Right Journey to Greenlight and Audiences


Packaging Expenses Covered by Want The Film

To us start-up businesses and film producers are entrepreneurs

How We Benefit Key Collaborators


Commercial Support and Access to Networks & Capital

Sales Companies

Competitive Market Focussed Propositions with Rich Sales Pitches


Transparent Optimised Investment Opportunities


Films with Defined Audience Focus and Extensive Marketing Packages

Founding Team

We combine more than 40 years of film industry experience across development, financing, production and distribution at companies such as Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and indies with start-up experience.

Jie-Ming Chung

Managing the operation of Want The Film and accelerator cohorts. He is the lead on commercial deals and consulting assignments.

Mark Sandell

Leading project scouting, accelerator packaging (creative) and relationships with talent and sales agents. He is the lead on non-accelerator film clients.

Mikkel Juel Iversen

Overseeing accelerator packaging (commercial) and relationships with strategic partners, financiers and distributors. He leads Want The Film’s marketing and outreach.


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