Want The Film represents an independent film model where producers are empowered to manage their films as brands, run their productions as businesses and succeed as fully fledged entrepreneursWe enable producers to take a commercially solid audience driven route to develop, finance, produce and market films.

We are currently developing 2 two exciting services:

Film Accelerator: The goal…helping producers increase the speed and success rate in obtaining financing and distribution deals for their films. In one end goes a producer team with a film in development…out the other end comes packaged film ready to be presented to investors, agents and distributors. Expected launch Autumn 2016.

Film Valuator: How much is your film worth to the audience? The valuator is an online application enabling producers, investors, sales agents and distributors globally to value films simply and immediately. The Valuator drives commercially smart budget setting, finance structure optimisation and development of solid investor proposals. Expected launch Early 2017.

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