What We Do

Want The Film was established to be a solution to one of the most challenging areas of independent film – packaging. We aspire to set a new quality standard for independent film packaging through the Want The Film Accelerator.

We empower producers to emulate start-up entrepreneurs in their approach to financing, producing and taking their films to market. This approach results in a “win-win” for producers and those that turn ideas into reality; talent agents, financiers, sales agents and distributors.

Our industry role is to accelerate conversion of high quality film projects championed by talented film producers into value-adding endeavours for all parties involved from screenwriters to audiences.

We do this to ensure independent films are available to worldwide audiences…today, tomorrow and the day after.

Want The Film provides a range of services in addition to running accelerator programmes, read more about our services here and accelerator programme here.

Founding Team

Jie-Ming Chung

Managing the operation of Want The Film and accelerator cohorts. He is the lead on commercial deals and consulting assignments.

Jie-Ming has 15 years of industry experience as international controller at Universal Studios, media business transformation expert, owner of Blinker and Madiba consulting.

His recent clients/projects include NBCUniversal, Viacom, IMG and NBCUniversal International TV Productions.

Mark Sandell

Leading project scouting, accelerator packaging (creative) and relationships with talent and sales agents. He is the lead on non-accelerator film clients.

Mark has 13 years of industry experience as founder of distributor Trinity Filmed Entertainment and producer/exec producer of 7 feature films.

Prior to joining the film business he was a City media head hunter for clients such as Google, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.

Mikkel Juel Iversen

Overseeing accelerator packaging (commercial) and relationships with strategic partners, financiers and distributors. He leads Want The Film’s marketing and outreach.

Mikkel has 13 years industry experience most recently as international insights director at Universal Studios. His experience spans advising studio heads on strategy to involvement in market launch of 100s film / TV series.

He also founded Under One Sky a collective of 250 volunteers supporting the homeless in London.


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