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Getting past the greenlight is no doubt one of the hardest parts of the filmmaking process. Firstly is it less about filmmaking and more about business and contacts. Secondly there are so many moving pieces – indeed the chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Thirdly competition for financing and distribution is fierce.

Want The Film aims to fast track producers to that elusive greenlight moment. In other words we are accelerating the packaging process.

The accelerator is a 3 month intensive programme structured around; Production, Financing and Distribution.

In comes a production team with a fully developed script and out goes a market-ready packaged project set up with investor, distributor and sales agent meetings.

Producing Teams Benefit From

A service package worth £20,000 to cover expenses such as legal contracts, casting and pitching

Expertise, resources and tools to establish a package that is market ready

Direct access to our industry partner network including distributors, casting agents, sales agents and financiers

Support from a mentor pool consisting of industry professionals

End to end project management to make each action drive packaging towards completion

Developing close ties and collaborating with other participating production teams

Accelerators originated on the Silicon Valley start-up scene and have become the preferred method for moving start-ups from idea to next round financing fast. We see films as start-ups and producers as entrepreneurs.

It is free to apply and Want The Film does not take legal claim on your film. Instead your success is our success as our business is purely based on success fees.

Want The Film exists to make your film a success with audiences, distributors, sales agents and investors.

Application Criteria

Your Location

We welcome applications from outside the UK but a condition of participation is attendance at certain events based in London

Your Team

The accelerator is for producers. A project may have several producers, a director and other team members in place or just simply one producer

Having a feature film track record as producer is not a prerequisite but clearly experience is currency. Any experience that gets your film closer to success counts in our book.

Your Film

Applications are limited to scripted feature-length film and the script must be packaging ready. In other words if the script is not ready to take to market, it is not ready for the accelerator

The expected production budget should be in the £500,000 to £8m range

In building for future success we look for three matches

An excellent script that appeals to a clearly defined reachable audience

A production budget guided by the market potential and investor expectations

A production team with the experience to deliver the finished film

The Journey



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