Packaging Accelerator

Our cornerstone service offering producers a fast-track
through packaging and direct access to our strategic
partner eco-system including financing, sales and

Single Project Packaging

We work one-to-one project packaging and open doors to financing, sales
and distribution.

Commercial Deals

As entrepreneurs with extensive industry experience /network, we are constantly looking for ways to help clients unlock value from existing IP or new partnerships.
Packaging Accelerator should be given more visual focus than other 3 services.


Our team has considerable consulting experience from strategic level to solutions delivery. We have worked with large media companies and individual producers.

Our Approach

People Come First

Business is inherently a people business. Our first priority in any engagement is building a trusting relationship. Trust is the key to making the sum bigger than the parts. Our minds are open, our promises solid and our interactions transparent. We believe integrity builds equity.

Smart Value

We don’t believe in waste in any form; time, money or resources. Our focus is on finding smarter ways. That includes finding the right solution for the individual project/deal instead of the usual solution. Naturally we run a lean operation to waste less and add more to our clients.


We are all about connection in every sense. True commitment to connection builds strong relationships. Our philosophy is one of collaborating with a wide network of trusted partners to provide the best solution. Working within a switched-on network enables us to accelerate projects and deals.

New Pathways

Our ambition is to provide solutions that combine the best of industry legacy with new approaches. We intend to apply learnings from other industries to the media industry. In the same vein we aspire to unlock value of media assets by finding new applications outside the media industry.


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